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September RETREAT 2016


Theme: Emergence of self and liberate what is possible.


This 3 day retreat is in Preparation for the Spring Equinox and over the 3 days we will be bringing together the work of the last 5 years and focus on embracing the "Life you have dreamed” and the "Person you are here to be".


We look to utilise this week extraordinary Magic: by placing intention into what you are creating and prepare for the upcoming Equinox and the changes to come.


Starts: 5pm on the 9th of Sep. 2016

Ends: 5pm on the 11th of Sep. 2016



Before 30th of June 2016 $550

After 1st of July 2016 $600


Venue: Karralla, 110 Whitegum drive, Wheatsheaf , Victoria 3461 

"Its time to plant the seeds of the weeds have been removed".

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